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US Threat Assessment report warns of the devastating consequences of COVID outbreak

The US intelligence services are warning of the devastating consequences of the pandemic for many countries. The “economic and political aftershocks” of the coronavirus crisis will be felt for years to come, resulting in greater instability in the world.

This is the gloomy conclusion reached by the CIA, the NSA and the dozens of other United States intelligence agencies in their annual report on the dangers that threaten America. Each year, notify the intelligence services, the increasing military threat posed by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, and now, as the pandemic had a prominent role in the analysis.

The words of warning come two years after the espionage services pointed to the risk of a pandemic that would disrupt the whole world. In their Threat Assessment 2019 and they pointed out that the United States and the rest of the world, “may be vulnerable to an outbreak of a contagious disease that could lead to huge mortality rates, and it can have serious consequences for the global economy”.

‘No country has been spared’, the American spy bosses write now that this scenario has come true. ‘The economic and political consequences of the pandemic will be felt throughout the world for years to come. The economic consequences are likely to cause or exacerbate instability in at least a few and perhaps many countries, as people become more desperate because of the economic downturn and job losses. Some developing countries that have been severely affected by financial and humanitarian crises, which increase the risk of a wave of migration, the fall of governments and the increase in internal conflicts.’

According to the intelligence services, political tensions are also increasing because of the pandemic, especially between the world powers. According to them, China and Russia are taking advantage of this by using their coronavirus vaccines to gain political influence.

“States are struggling to work together in their response to the pandemic,” the report said. ‘In some cases, they undermine the cooperation. A number of governments are turning inward and questioning the merits of globalization. Some governments, such as China and Russia, use medical supplies and vaccines to strengthen their geopolitical position.’

The spy chiefs also warn that the pandemic is increasing insecurity in the world and making it harder to contain local wars. “As armies are increasingly called upon to make cuts, gaps are emerging in United Nations peacekeeping operations, military training and preparedness, counter-terrorism and the surveillance and enforcement of arms control,” the intelligence services said. ‘These deficits are likely to increase without a rapid end to the pandemic and a rapid recovery, making it more difficult to manage conflicts.’

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