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US Avoids Ground Offensive support Guarantees During Biden’s Israel Visit

The United States has not requested guarantees from Israel to prevent a ground offensive during President Joe Biden’s visit. John Kirby from the U.S. National Security Council stated that the U.S. will not issue commands to the Israelis regarding their military operations.

Biden’s trip to Israel is scheduled for Wednesday, and Israel is preparing for a possible ground offensive against the Hamas movement in the densely populated Gaza Strip, following a recent attack by Hamas on Israeli territory.

There are significant international concerns about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, and the White House is also apprehensive about the potential for a larger regional conflict. Biden’s visit is seen as a signal to countries like Iran to exercise caution.

John Kirby emphasized that the U.S. aims to prevent escalation and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid. The announcement of Biden’s visit was made only after Israel committed to addressing humanitarian issues, including facilitating aid supplies to Gaza and establishing safe zones for Palestinian civilians.

U.S. and Israeli officials engaged in over seven hours of negotiations, discussing various aspects related to aid supplies to Gaza and the safety of Palestinian civilians.

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