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Unions set an ultimatum to Shell

Trade unions CNV and FNV have set an ultimatum with Shell in the fight for a better collective labor agreement. Last week, the staff of the refineries of the oil and gas company in Pernis and Moerdijk agreed to promotions. The collective bargaining agreement between Shell and the unions had already stalled.

The ultimatum expires on Thursday at 8 p.m. It was announced last week that the unions were preparing an ultimatum. They want a structural salary increase of 5 percent per year and a reduction in work pressure. Shell offered 2.5 percent more salary this year and 2 percent more in 2020. In both years, the oil and gas company also wants to give an average of 1.5 percent extra wage, depending on the performance of the employee and the scale of this. .

If Shell does not respond to the requirements, then actions can be taken in Pernis and Moerdijk.

“Of course there will still be technical consultation on this, because a chemical company must be shut down extremely carefully,” said CNV director Piet Verburg.

“The intention is to hit them, for example by reversing production.”

A Shell spokeswoman confirms that she has received the ultimatum. “We’re going to read what’s in it and see what we can do before the ultimatum ends to find each other.”

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