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The US cancels 26 flights of Chinese airlines in September in retaliation

There are a total of 19 flights from Los Angeles to China and seven flights from New York. The decision affects four Airlines: Xiamen, Air China, China Southern and China Eastern. The number of 26 flights does not fall from the sky. As part of the zero COVID policy, China has been taking measures against airlines for a long time at the moment when Corona infections are detected among passengers after the end of the flight. For that reason, the Chinese authorities recently canceled 26 flights of American, Delta and United.

In the decision, the US Department of state refers to those Chinese measures. According to the US, China unfairly puts the blame on the carriers for the fact that travelers are tested negative on board, and only after arriving in the Asian country test positive for the virus. China has responded to the US measure. A spokesman for the embassy in Washington called the decision “extremely irresponsible” and ” unfounded.” In contrast, he calls China’s policy fair and transparent. Earlier this year, the United States cancelled 44 Chinese flights in response to an equal number of cancellations of American flights.

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