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The Android version of web browser Chrome has become a lot safer

Google Chrome is known for, among other things, the considerable amount of memory that the web browser can absorb. The Android version is slightly heavier. About 3 to 5 percent. Users get something in return. Chrome is a lot safer with version 77.

Specifically, Android gets more options for site isolation. That means that websites can work isolated from other websites. As a result, malicious sites are less likely to abuse vulnerable sites.
Site isolation

Site isolation has been used for a long time with Chrome on desktop computers. In fact, this feature is automatically activated with every website you visit. On Android that would demand too much from phones.

That is why Google chooses to use site isolation on Android only with websites that ask for a password. As a result, there is no chance that other websites will steal this information. Chrome remembers this setting, so that site isolation is automatically activated when you visit the website again.

Because site isolation requires a bit more memory, it only works on Android devices with a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

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