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Strong protests hit the American embassy in Baghdad

For the second day in a row, hundreds of Iraqi protesters gathered at the American embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday. Among other things, stones are thrown at the embassy.

Security guards use tear gas and grenades to get the crowd away. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (local time), many Iraqis camped outside the embassy walls. The expectation is that the demonstrators intend to stay longer.

Thousands of Iraqi demonstrators also protested Tuesday. Even then, they stormed the American embassy in Baghdad. They are angry about a series of air strikes on Iranian allied militias in Iraq.

These air strikes served as a retaliatory action for the death of an American in an attack on a base in northern Iraq, behind which the Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah, supported by Iran, would be behind. A total of 25 people were killed in the attack.

During the protests on Tuesday, a fire was also set and stones were thrown. Security cameras were also demolished.

Leaders of the Iraqi army are asking the protesters to leave the embassy. The pressure on Iraqi leaders to intervene is also increasing from Washington. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the United States announced that it would send additional soldiers to the Middle East. US President Donald Trump accused Iran on Tuesday of being responsible for storming the embassy.

Paramilitaries affiliated with Iran who had previously protested with the crowd have now called on the demonstrators to leave the embassy. They think the protesters’ message has been heard. The call was not immediately answered on Wednesday.

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