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NGO orphanages in Africa are full of abuse, rape and crime

The fact that the development aid sector is big business for malicious parties, of course, we do not have to explain since the Oxfam sex. But the problem is not limited to one organization. Former employee of an ‘orphanage’ in Uganda Charlotte Simons today loses the entire sector. It depends on physical abuse, rape of babies and stealing children to each other.

On Twitter, Charlotte Simons, a Dutch journalist living in Kenya, tells her story. The thread that she produced is one of the most shocking stories you will probably read in a long time. Charlotte has been home to Africa for about eight years, and has experienced a lot of barbaric things at the time.

The orphanages run by so-called well-meaning western NGOs are almost the most disgusting thing they have ever seen. Charlotte talks about exploitation, child robberies, how babies are systematically raped and all that so that donors in Europe and America can feel better because they have given money for charity in a poor country. Nothing is less true, however: they keep a perverted industry alive. One that lives from breaking the lives of African children through heavy physical abuse.

About the author: Jeff Roper

Jeff Roper has been teaching journalism for more than five years. A theorist who nevertheless took up some practice. He is fond of the history of journalism and journalism.

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