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Largest increase in deaths in Brazil, president advocates for malaria drug use

Brazil medical authorities should try the malaria drug chloroquine more often in the treatment of the coronavirus. That’s what President Jair Bolsonaro said. He did so the day the country reported the most deaths from the corona virus.

Brazil recorded 1179 new deaths on Tuesday. The corona epidemic has now killed at least 17,971 people in Brazil, the Ministry of Health reported. The number of coronavirus infections increased by 17,408 to a total of over 270,000. Worldwide, more infections have only been detected in the US and Russia.

In a livestream on Facebook, Bolsonaro said there are new guidelines on the use of chloroquine today, just days after the Health Minister stepped down because he didn’t want to sign the guidelines.

Minister Nelson Teich left after about a month because he disagreed with President Bolsonaro’s corona policy. He wants patients to get the malaria medicine right away. Until now this only happens in the most serious patients.

His successor, General Eduardo Pazuello, who will head the ministry for the time being, will sign the guidelines. There is no sound evidence that it works against the coronavirus.

Bolsonaro said that he keeps an amount of the anti-malarial drug in case his 93-year-old mother needs it. US President Donald Trump said on Monday that he takes a pill daily of another anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, to protect against coronavirus infection. The effect of that drug against the coronavirus has not been proven, although it can have serious side effects.

After the increase in the number of deaths in Brazil, Trump said he is considering an entry ban for Brazilians. Brazil itself started banning foreign air passengers in March to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

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