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Iskander Yerimbetov comes to Geneva, greeted by Mukhtar Ablyazov’s sock puppets

Mukhtar Ablyazov’s argument against extradition and the cessation of the granted asylum just got a reinforcement, AssayNews wrote in “Mukhtar Ablyazov capitalizes on Iskander Yerimbetov case” article. Iskander Yerimbetov, the brother of Botagoz Jardemalie, has emigrated from Kazakhstan and told the story about the tortures and abuse he went through while being arrested for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering case. AssayNews points out some irregularities in the rhetoric.

Iskander Yerimbetov is the elder brother of Botagoz Jardemalie, ex-executive director of BTA Bank. He was arrested, detained and subsequently convicted in several episodes of fraud in connection with the major case of BTA Bank embezzlement. He has been viewed as a perpetrator of Mukhtar Ablyazov and his gang in BTA loan fraud. He, according to the prosecution, conspired with the latter to defraud the bank and launder the ill-gotten wealth through his own network of offshore companies.

Mukhtar Ablyazov
Mukhtar Ablyazov during arrest.

Iskander Yerimbetov’s case caught the attention of the international community with OSCE and the US stepped in. Botagoz Jardemalie coined the thesis that the pressure applied to his brother was directed to her own case. According to Iskander Yerimbetov, tortures, beatings and psychological warfare against him had one goal: to force his sister to return to Kazakhstan and witness against Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Iskander Yerimbetov was convicted to seven years in prison.

He hasn’t served the term and was freed after two years in detention. The question of his true guilt is far beyond the scope of the article. Let’s say that he is definitely not the simple businessman as he wants to present himself. He was heavily involved with the offshore companies registered in his name.

Upon freeing from the jail Iskander Yerimbetov went to Switzerland and reiterated his points on the very nature of his conviction.

We can’t stop from pointing out some irregularities

Iskander Yerimbetov was arrested in 2017 while Mukhtar Ablyazov and his group fled in 2009. It took eight years for the authorities to recognize the guilt of Yerimbetov? It took eight years to figure out the evil plan to put pressure on him to get his sister?

Iskander Yerimbetov was released prior to his jail term. Kazakhstan released him ‘because of the deteriorating health condition’. It is something that you may expect from the cruel authoritarian ruler. Would Yerimbetov be released if the true target of the authorities were Botagoz Jardemalie and Mukhtar Ablyazov?

Iskander Yerimbetov hasn’t escaped Kazakhstan. He did it with the family and did it legally despite the parole terms. Would Yerimbetov be allowed to leave the country if the true target of the authorities was Botagoz Jardemalie and Mukhtar Ablyazov?

Prior to his release some of his proxies were released too. It is Dmitry Pestov and Vasilina Sokolenko. It does not support the whole narrative in an attempt to exert pressure on Mukhtar Ablyazov and Botagoz Jardemalie.

At least twelve former accomplices of Mukhtar Ablyazov returned to Kazakhstan and none of them got an effective jail term. It somewhat contradicts the picture that Mukhtar Ablyazov offers to the public.

It seems that Botagoz Jardemalie and Mukhtar Ablyazov are using the Iskander Yerimbetov case to push their own agenda. And the agenda is unchanged: to present a ten billion heist as an act of political struggle with the regime.

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