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Iran sets strict requirements for new talks with the US

In response to President Trump’s statement yesterday at the G7 summit that a conversation with Iran is realistic, Iranian President Rohani says that such a conversation is still far away. First, all sanctions against the country must be lifted, he said on the Iranian state television.

Trump called a period of a few weeks realistic for a conversation to break through the nuclear impasse, “if the circumstances are right”.

“Tehran never intended to develop nuclear weapons,” Rohani said. He added that Iran has always been open to discussions. “But the US must first lift the illegal, unreasonable and unjust sanctions against Iran.” He said that Tehran will fulfill its obligations under the 2015 agreement less and less if the interests of the country are not guaranteed.

The US stepped out of the agreement between Iran, Russia, China and EU countries last year. Last month it appeared that Iran has a larger supply of low-enriched uranium than agreed.

French President Macron expressed the hope of a meeting at the press conference he gave with President Trump at the end of the G7 summit in Biarritz. He probably relied on conversations he had with the Iranian foreign minister Zarif the previous days. To the surprise of many, Macron invited them.

At the G7, Trump was remarkably mild in his statements about Iran and said he was not looking for a regime change.

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