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Heineken profits grow as masses demands more beer

Beer brewer Heineken is expected to sell more beer worldwide in 2018 than a year earlier. In addition, the turnover will have increased and the operating profit (beia) will also be higher. This is what analysts predict in a preview of the annual figures that Heineken publishes on Wednesday.

Again, Heineken was firmly on the road, especially in Asia. In the main growth region, the group is expected to have sold 8.5 percent more beer than in 2017. The Asian market will generate sales of more than 2.9 billion euros, with a total turnover of 22.5 billion euros. In Europe, by far the largest market for Heineken, there will be a volume growth of less than a percent. Sales also rose fractionally to 10.3 billion euros, as can be seen from an analyst consensus that Heineken mentions on its own website.

In North and South America, 6 percent more beer will come from the brewery, accounting for nearly 6.9 billion euros in revenue. Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, which have been brought together in one group in the results of the brewer, are counted on 4 percent volume growth, with which more than 3 billion euros is earned.

The operating profit, according to the analysts, rises to more than 3.8 billion euros. Under the line, Heineken is expected to hold 2.1 billion euros, compared to 1.9 billion a year earlier.

In total, Heineken was estimated to account for almost 234 million hectoliters of beer in 2018, compared with 218 million hectoliters a year earlier. It is expected that Heineken will also be able to put more beer into the market in the coming years.

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