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Great victory for Facebook: 87 groups and pages deleted

Facebook has removed two non-affiliated networks of Facebook accounts and pages from Russia. The networks were guilty of “coordinated misconduct” by misleading Facebook users about their true identity.

One of the networks consisted of 62 fake accounts from Russia, which were used to manage ten pages and 25 Facebook groups. Political news about Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the civil war in Syria was spread on those pages and groups.

According to Facebook, the pages were followed by 34,000 accounts and around 86,000 users were members of one of the Facebook groups.

The other network consisted of four pages, sixteen Facebook accounts and one Instagram account. The pages, which were followed by around 1,100 people, posted political messages and focused on Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, among others.

Facebook policy does not allow users to appear on the social network in a different way than they actually are. Facebook emphasizes that the accounts and pages have been deleted for that reason, and not on a substantive basis.

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Matthew Johnson, a small tech business owner retired and found his passion in journalism.

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