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Government leaders agree: EU in 2050 climate neutral

The European government leaders have agreed that the EU must be climate neutral by 2050. Only Poland, which is highly dependent on coal-fired power stations for electricity, is not yet participating.

The country endorses the goal, but still has to conduct the political discussion at home as to whether the goals are achievable. Next summer the Poles will let them know if they still want to participate.

“They have to think about whether everything will work out”, Prime Minister Rutte summarized after the meeting. “Poland in particular must radically change its economy based on coal-fired power stations.”

The President of the European Council, the Belgian Michel, is pleased with the result, which was announced around half past one last night. He finds the agreement a huge support in the back of the Green Deal presented yesterday. When the new chairman leaves the room, he says “I am very satisfied.”

Chancellor Merkel is particularly pleased that the EU is not divided. “We are all moving forward.”

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki was also delighted last night. “We achieve the goal of becoming climate neutral in our own way. We only choose a path to get there independently.”

For a long time, government leaders failed to bridge their differences. It was not only about whether the Polish coal mines should be closed in the short term, but also about nuclear energy. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte did not understand the concerns of the Czech Republic and Hungary in particular.

“Nuclear energy is allowed. There is no rule that prohibits that.”

Ultimately, this is also stated in the conclusions drawn by the government leaders, so that the Czech Republic and Hungary, who say they need nuclear energy to become climate neutral, also agreed.

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