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Chinese authorities warn 105 apps of excessive data collection

The Chinese Cyberspace administration (CCA) accuses 105 apps, websites and social media platforms of excessive collection and use of personal data, South China Morning Post wrote Friday. TikTok and LinkedIn, among others, have been accused of this by the internet authority.

The CCA had started an investigation following complaints about the apps and social media platforms. The watchdog concluded that 105 platforms have broken different rules, the CCA via message platform WeChat reports. The apps are said to have ” obtained personal information through illegal access and excessive collection.” According to the authority, how the apps did this is not clear.

Microsoft’s social media platforms LinkedIn and search engine Bing are listed. Chinese-based apps, such as TikTok and Kuaishou video apps, should also reduce their data collection from the CCA. The apps and websites that have been contacted have 15 days to get this done. It is unknown what happens if the companies behind the apps do not comply.

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