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China goes on offense to journalistic platforms

China blocked several journalistic platforms in the days before and after 4 June. Various residents of the country report this. It was thirty years ago that the Tiananmen protests took place, in which hundreds of demonstrators died as a result of government intervention.

GreatFire.org monitors internet censorship in China and confirms that the websites of The Guardian, Washington Post, Asahi Shinbum and the Toronto Star have not been accessible from China in recent days.

The Chinese government more often blocks sites from abroad if the reporting is negative about China. Many of the media that have been blocked by the government have considered the protests of thirty years ago.

The internet in China is strictly controlled by the government. For example, certain sites are blocked, but some keywords also do not produce results. For example, residents of the country cannot look for Winnie the Pooh because President Xi Jinping is often compared to the bear of Disney.

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