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Canada has its own (moderate) BLM moment

In Canada, the death of a 37-year-old First Nations woman in a hospital is being investigated. The woman filmed her treatment; in that live stream on Facebook, she was seen panicked and the staff made fun of her. A nurse has already been fired.

Prime Minister Legault of the French-speaking region of Quebec calls the insults racist and unacceptable. He’s announcing a large-scale investigation into the woman’s cause of death.

According to interest groups, the incident is an example of systemic racism against Indigenous peoples in the Canadian health system.

The 37 – year-old Atikamekw woman was hospitalized on Saturday in the town of Joliette, north of Montreal. Joyce Echaquan complained of stomach pain. She felt that she had been given too much morphine during her treatment. That’s why she decided to start a live stream on her phone.

In the video, Echaquan screams for help. At the end of the video, two nurses say that the woman is “as stupid as anything.” It was also said,”she’s only good for sex and death better off.” One of the women says that Echaquan has made bad choices in her life and asks her what her children would think of her behavior.

Echaquan died shortly after recording. She leaves seven children.

here was a memorial for Echaquan in front of the hospital on Tuesday.

A 2015 report concluded that Indigenous peoples in Canada face racism in healthcare. Prime Minister Legault argues that discrimination is systemic in health care, reports The Canadian news site CBC. He does recognise that racism exists, but he does not believe that it is happening constantly and on a large scale.

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