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Arms deal with Taiwan angers China

The United States has signed a $ 100 million arms deal with Taiwan. It involves the sale of equipment and services to improve the missile defense system. China, which believes Taiwan belongs to China and considers the island a renegade province, calls it a serious undermining of national security. According to a government spokesman, the country will ‘take strong measures to defend the importance of its own security’.

According to the US Department of Defense, modernizing the defense system improves Taiwan’s security and contributes to ‘political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region’. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said: ‘as we face China’s ongoing military expansion and provocations, this will allow our country to maintain national security with a strong defense,’the Ministry said.

The deal does not fall from the sky: during the presidency of Donald Trump in 2019, the agreement was initiated. This could be completed within a month. Taiwan is increasingly a hot topic in the region as China becomes more assertive. The US has been supplying Taiwan with weapons for years, the Chinese ambassador to Washington said in January that the two major powers could be embroiled in a military conflict if Washington encouraged Taiwan’s independence.

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