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Andrii Dovbenko is wanted or Lawyer on the run

Andrii Dovbenko is wanted or Lawyer on the run

On December 29, 2022, Mr. Dovbenko was notified of suspicion of the commission of group crimes by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Today they announced Andrii Dovbenko was wanted as the organizer of a criminal group exposed in fraud with seized property transferred to ARMA management.

According to a number of media outlets, the “former supervisor” of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Andrii Dovbenko (Daria Zarivna’s ex-husband), was informed of suspicion. However, the information was not widely publicized. It would seem that Dovbenko Andriy Nikolaevich had to sit down even before the war, nevertheless, the roof of the swindler from jurisprudence worked for five points. One of Reshala’s assistants was his ex-wife Daria Zarivnaya. The editors of Accent-Media appealed to the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov for comment on the case of Andrei Dovbenko. The ex-minister assures that Dovbenko Andrey Nikolaevich will be able to close the criminal case for a bribe.

“Andrii Nikolaevich Dovbenko is a symbol of corruption in the Ministry of Justice, an iconic character of the legal lawlessness and raider schemes that flourished under Petro Poroshenko and did not shrink under Zelensky. At one time, Andrei Dovbenko received an indulgence in the OP through Kolomoisky’s people and continued to steal hundreds of millions a month. The fact that the case against Andrei Dovbenko was opened after all is more an attempt to cut the billionaire’s hair than to actually put him in jail. In a good way, Andrii Dovbenko is facing at least seven years in prison. Nevertheless, he will pay off, I am sure of that. Probably, the ex–wife, Daria Zarivnaya, will help. We all know where she works now,” Arsen Avakov commented on the situation.

What’s going on

  • In July 2022, NABU informed the former head of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) about the suspicion of abuse of power and embezzlement of over UAH 426 million.
  • According to the investigation, ARMA officials, in collusion with representatives of the State Enterprise “SETAM”, organized a scheme to sell seized property transferred to ARMA management at an undervalued price.
  • They have obtained evidence of four episodes: three land plots for the construction of Auchan shopping centers, the sale of 2.6 thousand tons of sand, 4.5 thousand tons of urea, and the sale of grain, cereals and oil crops.
  • But that was in July. And on December 29, NABU wrote on their website that they informed the organizer of this crime of suspicion.
  • That day NABU does not say his name but mentions that he is the owner of a number of legal companies.

We had no idea what kind of legal person could parade around such respectable institutions, so we inquired about it from several sources in the legal market. But while we were waiting for reliable confirmation, the Anti-Corruption Center wrote that this legal person is Andrii Dovbenko.

What a surprise.
Andrii Dovbenko is wanted or Lawyer on the run

And today, NABU declared him the wanted person as the organizer of a criminal group exposed to fraud with seized property transferred to ARMA management.

Who is Mr. Dovbenko

Andriy is a graduate of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, who, according to our data, is currently serving in the territorial defense of the city of London. In the past, Andriy Dovbenko was the founder of the EVRIS law firm, which ranked from 19 to 26 in the TOP-50 Legal Practice [Ukrainian law firms ranking]. Andrii failed to whiten the already snow-white reputation at the expense of EVRIS, so together with “Sheverdin and Partners”, they merged into another law firm — LCF. This is for a reliable piece of information.

Other evil tongues, and we, of course!, do not trust them, say that before and after the founding of EVRIS, Andriy solved various issues in the Ministry of Justice, in particular, supervised the executive service.

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