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Zero-on-the-meter home will be too expensive

It is too expensive for many housing corporations to convert all their homes into zero-on-the-meter homes. That is what the consultancy firm Finance Ideas says based on research among about six hundred corporate directors. In average, respondents therefore focus on making housing more sustainable on energy label B.

In any case, the sustainability of the housing stock is an expensive joke for the corporations. The majority of directors and managers expect that they have lost more money than has been estimated up to now.

In the coming years, corporations will mainly focus on insulating homes and installing solar panels. It is also striking that 44 percent of the surveyed drivers indicate that their corporations want to reduce gas consumption by installing more efficient central heating boilers and do not yet think of heat pumps or heating networks. Housing corporations also want to ensure that the rents do not go up. Almost half of the interviewees see that as the most important starting point.

According to Finance Ideas, the Netherlands has about 325 housing corporations. Together they manage almost 2.4 million rental properties.

About the author: Rick Culpepper

Rick Culpepper is of those journalists who dig the topic to the very bottom. He is often late with the delivery of the piece, but always does it perfectly. In his spare time, he collects data for one of the most high-profile investigations of corruption in the EU.

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