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With one million infected per day the hospitals may be overrun in a week

The United States recorded a day record of over a million positive COVID tests on Monday. It is the largest number of infections in a single day in any country since the start of the pandemic.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University, this is almost double the previous global day record (590,000). It was also registered in the US on Thursday.

Due to the massive increase, the average number of positive tests over the past seven days in the US has risen to almost 1,500 per million inhabitants. That is almost twice as much as the Netherlands, which has an average of 870 per million inhabitants. In the United Kingdom and France, due to the gigantic increase in recent weeks, the average is 2, 500 positive tests per million inhabitants.

The actual number of infections in the US may be even greater. Many Americans resort to self-testing, so their test results are not always reported to the authorities.

As in many other countries, the highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the US. Many schools and offices are closed and are also closed after the Christmas holidays. In several states, the pressure on care is increasing due to the large influx of Corona patients into the hospitals.

The advance has caused many flights to, in and to the United States to be canceled. The Netherlands designated the US as a very high risk area at the end of December, due to the worrying Corona situation. Travelers from the US have been subject to a quarantine requirement since December 30, including those vaccinated.

The largest number of Corona infections on a day outside the US was recorded in India on May 7, 2021. More than 414,000 people were tested positive that day.

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