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US has lost parents of over 500 migrant children, lawyers say

Lawyers in the US are looking for the parents of over 500 migrant children. They belong to the group of 2,700 children who were detained in 2017 and 2018 by order of the government and separated from their parents.

In the summer of 2018, a federal judge decided that parents and children should be reunited. The lawyers went on a court order to look for the parents, but because the government didn’t keep track of what happened to the parents, 545 children failed to do so.

The civil rights movement ACLU believes that two thirds of the parents have been deported and reside in their country of origin. In almost all cases, these are countries in Central America.

In Guatemala and Honduras, volunteers now go door-to-door to track down parents. That’s a tricky and time-consuming process, says the ACLU. The search had to be temporarily suspended in connection with the pandemic, but has resumed, albeit on a limited scale.

The decision to take children away from parents who had entered the US illegally was part of Trumps ‘ zero tolerance policy against illegal border crossing.

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