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United States opted for a third shot for some of the professionals

The United States wants to give some Americans a third shot against the coronavirus. A well-thought-out plan is not yet in place, but according to The New York Times, care workers and residents of nursing homes would be the first to be mentioned for the said ‘booster shots’. Then other parents follow.

Setting the extra, third shots for fully vaccinated people may start as early as autumn, says the American newspaper. This is possible because the US has over 100 million unused doses.

First, Israel, Great Britain and Germany already decided to give care workers and vulnerable people a third shot. This gives the World Health Organization (WHO) the shivers. The WHO prefers to see the redone shots go to poor countries, where the vaccination Council is sometimes very low. ‘We are now making conscious choices not to protect people in need’, suspected Who boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus last month.

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