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UN: 1 in 3 children poisoned by lead

One in three children worldwide has lead poisoning. This is mainly due to contaminated tap water in lead water pipes and dangerous recycling.

A total of 800 million children have been affected. They have a lead content of 5 micrograms higher in their flour, says the United Nations Children’s Organization, Unicef.

Unicef talks about shocking conclusions after groundbreaking research in collaboration with environmental organisation Pure Earth. It is the first time large-scale studies have been found in children.

Children with too much lead in their blood can suffer permanent brain damage. Especially babies and children under the age of five are vulnerable, because their intestines absorb the toxic metal shopkeeper and their brains are highly developed. Lead poisoning in children can finally lead to learning and behavioral problems and lower intelligence, said Unicef.

Half of the poisoned children are from South Asia. In Georgia, Indonesia, Ghana and Mexico, the lead levels of children are also remarkably high.

In addition to lead water pipes, natural and illegal recycling of lead-acid batteries is an earring for research. In poorer countries, batteries are often opened up without proper care, with acid and lead dust entering the ground.

The noise is also made in open-air combustion, which causes scum of toxic fumes. Among other things, spices, cosmetics, medicines, paints and toy dishes must be kept there, with high expectations. Parents who come into contact with bood by their profession also subconsciously spend lead home on their clothes and hands.

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