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TikTok asked users to agree with collecting biometric data

TikTok has updated its privacy policy in the United States to inform users that the app may collect new types of biometric information in the future, including “facial and voice prints”. TikTok could not explain to what types of data these terms refer to, or why the app would need access to this information in the first place.

The company’s privacy policy was updated on June 2. The new policy describes in some detail the ways in which TikTok now has permission to analyze user content.

As is often the case with privacy policy, there is a lot of confusion here between results that users are likely to like (such as adding video effects) and results that they think are more intrusive (such as ad targeting and “demographic classification”) that use a lot of corporate lingo.

The new privacy policy makes it even clearer that the app can now collect biometric data – i.e. measuring physical characteristics, including the “facial and voice impressions” mentioned above. The policy states that TikTok will ask users for permission before this information is collected, but only when required by law. That doesn’t mean much in the US since a file few states (including Illinois, Texas and California) offer this type of legal protection. Indeed, TikTok may think that agreeing to the terms of Service is all the consent you need.

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