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This lawyer was too smart to stay out of a prison

An American lawyer who committed online fraud with counterfeit movies and pornography gets a prison sentence of fourteen years. The man shared pornographic films and sued downloaders for copyright infringement.

In August the man confessed guilt. In the meantime, the judge has given judgment in the case. The lawyer is sentenced to fourteen years in prison for fraud on a large scale and for setting up fake legal cases in the United States. The man must also repay 1.5 million dollars to 704 victims.

A man’s henchman is also proven guilty. He will receive his sentence next month.

The 37-year-old lawyer and his partner operated from a fake company called Prenda Law. The men distributed pornographic images on, for example, torrent sites. Those were existing films, but later also self-made images.

The lawyer then contacted downloaders on behalf of Prenda Law. He offered victims the opportunity to settle for $3,000 to prevent further prosecution. In this way, he and his companion would have earned 3 million dollars in the period between 2011 and 2014.

The men were exposed when some people refused to settle and decided to go to court. Subsequently, Prenda Law was investigated, after which the fraud case came to light.

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