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The black list of Facebook groups and organizations leaked online

Facebook has identified four thousand people and groups as ‘dangerous’ and put them on a black list. These include militarized movements, alleged terrorists and hate groups. This is clear from reports from The Intercept, who published the list.

People and groups on the list are not welcome on Facebook. Nearly a thousand groups on the list are “militarized social movements”. By this the company means armed groups that ‘incite violence’.

Also listed are hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and branches of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Two neo-Nazi groups with European connections are also mentioned.

Facebook CEO Brian Fishman has responded to The Intercept’s publication via Twitter. According to him, the list is incomplete and is constantly updated. Fishman says Facebook never made the list public to “limit legal and security risks and not allow groups to circumvent the platform’s rules.”

Facebook has long been called upon to be more transparent about its policy against dangerous organizations and individuals. Facebook’s supervisory board, the Oversight Board, also felt that Facebook should make the list public or provide examples.

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