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Tesla car store a lot of data – and may open it at court request

Tesla cars store a lot of data that can help with investigations into traffic accidents and criminal cases. The data can be decrypted and read. Researchers found out that the car manufacturer has to gather all the information about the vehicle speed, the position of the accelerator pedal, the steering wheel, the brake control and the effect of the so-called driver assistance systems, such as the auto-pilot.

Tesla will use that data to improve the cars or fix malfunctions, but will also provide it to the court or prosecution if requested for criminal investigations. However, the manufacturer only provides the data for a specific time frame only, they said.

You can’t progress what you don’t know, so it’s useful that we now know what information is stored. The more targeted retrieval of certain data would allow for a more detailed investigation, for example into the role of Autopilot in an accident.

A new international legislation and regulation is needed that will make car manufacturers more transparent about which data is stored.

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