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States to determine the harm of tech giant domination

States are not only working on a cartel investigation against internet giant Google, they also have an eye on social media platform Facebook. Business newspaper The Wall Street Journal reports that on Friday. According to the newspaper, other companies can also be scrutinized.

The case against Google will probably be brought out on Monday. The justice ministers of around 36 states have joined forces for this. It concerns both Republicans and Democrats. The investigation is led by the Texas State Secretary of Justice. The states are examining the impact of Google’s powerful position on the digital advertising market. They also look at whether it is harmful to consumers that one company has so much information about consumers.

The cartel case against Facebook is led by the Minister of Justice of the State of New York. It is not known how many states cooperate in this.

“The state ministers are concerned about the control of large tech companies over personal data and will hold them liable for obstructing competition, which jeopardizes privacy and consumer data,” said New York minister Letitia James.

The Washington Post newspaper released the investigation against Google on Tuesday. The Federal Ministry of Justice is also already investigating cartel formation by Google.

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