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Saoirse Kennedy died of overdose

A granddaughter of American politician Robert F. Kennedy who was shot dead in 1968 died yesterday on the family estate under Boston. American media report that. According to The New York Times and news channel CBS Boston, Saoirse Kennedy died as a result of an overdose.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill stayed with her grandmother, Ethel Kennedy (91) in Hyannis Port, according to the newspaper. Yesterday afternoon an alarm was sounded from the Kennedy estate on the Cape Cod peninsula. Emergency services pulled out but reportedly could not do anything for the victim anymore. She appeared to have died on arrival at Cape Cod Hospital, writes the New York Times based on statements from family and friends.

The family later confirmed the death of the twenties but says nothing about the cause of death. ,, Our hearts have been shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse. Her life was full of hope, promise and love. “” The statement also quotes grandmother Ethel. “The world is a little less beautiful today.”
Mental illness

Saoirse Kennedy Hill studied at Boston College and was vice-president of Democratic students. According to the New York Times she wrote a paper in 2016 as a high school student about struggling with mental illness.

Saoirse was the only child of Paul Michael Hill and Courtney Kennedy, the fifth of eleven children of Ethel and Robert Kennedy.

Series of family dramas

The death of her granddaughter is yet another drama for Ethel Kennedy. Her husband Robert “Bob” Kennedy, senator for New York, was shot in Los Angeles in 1968 after winning the first race for nomination as a presidential candidate for the Democrats.

Two of their sons died prematurely. David (28) in 1984 due to an overdose and Michael (39) in 1997 due to a ski accident.


Roberts older brother John F. Kennedy, elected 35th President of the United States in 1960, was shot dead in 1963 in Dallas. His son John Jr. (39) was killed in 1999 with his wife and sister-in-law when their private plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at Martha’s Vineyard, not far from Hyannis Port.

Ted’s car accident

Hill’s death comes two weeks after the 50th “anniversary” of the car accident scandal in which Roberts younger brother, senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy (39), drove off a bridge between the island of Chappaquiddick and Martha’s Vineyard. His 28-year-old passenger Mary Jo Kopechne was killed.

The dark circumstances of that crash would have prevented Kennedy from applying for presidency in 1972 and 1976, allegedly because the car accident would have undermined his candidacy.

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