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Samsung Austria to introduce virtual reality driving lessons

Samsung Austria is teaming up with the national motor vehicle association (ÖAMTC) to develop a programme which enables new and aspiring drivers to practice using virtual reality technology. Known as “Samsung Drive”, the app has the aim of providing more secure conditions in which more dangerous aspects of driving can be demonstrated and effective counter measures learned and practiced.

Its use will present the experience of scenarios that otherwise would not be possible to play out during the learning process without devastating consequences, such as driving while texting. A 2015 study conducted by ÖAMTC discovered that 76% of drivers distracted by their cell phones could not stop in time to avoid an accident.

Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Customer Service at Samsung Austria Gregor Almássy is very hopeful about the project, which was unveiled for testing at the Vienna Auto Show, which took place at the Vienna’s main convention center last week. He said, “there are many things that can be theoretically explained, and other things one must undergo to really understand them. With the Gear VR people can intuitively learn about a specific situation via direct experience. The practical areas of application in which VR technology can help us humans has so far not been set by any limits.”

The technology will be available at eight driving schools around the country starting summer 2017. It is projected that 15,000 people will be able to learn by way of this new development.

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