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Reddit user who leaked Jehovah’s documents may stay anonymous

A Reddit user who posted internal documents of the Watchtower Society, the organization behind the Jehovah’s Witnesses, online on the social medium, may remain anonymous. That has been determined by a US federal court, CNET reports.

The person, with the username Darkspilver, placed an advertisement and an overview of personal data collected by the Watchtower on Reddit in February. The organization then wanted to take the documents offline, relying on copyright.

The Jehovah organization then sued Reddit to force the company to provide information about Darkspilver, but the judge ruled that the person may remain anonymous.

The Watchtower may conduct the lawsuit against Darkspilver, but formally does so against the person’s online pseudonym, not the real name. Only a lawyer may be aware of the name of the man or woman.

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