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Range Rover Evoque shows optional camera on interior mirror

Land Rover has given its Evoque suv under the Range Rover brand name an update. The new version is optionally given a Ground View view that makes the bonnet invisible and there is a choice of an interior mirror that shows camera image.

The ClearSight rear-view mirror of the new Range Rover Evoque combines a mirror with a 9.5-inch screen with 1600×320 pixel resolution, coupled with a camera at the rear of the car, with a 50-degree field of vision mirror would offer an angle of view of about 25 degrees.

It is a 1.7-megapixel camera that records images at 60fps. The camera is equipped with a water-repellent coating so that rain does not interfere too much with the image. If the camera does not show a good image due to mud or other reasons, the driver can switch back to the mirror at the touch of a button.

In addition, the Range Rover Evoque technology that the company calls Ground View. At the front of the side mirrors and at the bottom of the grille are cameras that register the ground in front of and sideways of the car, with an area of ​​8.53 by 15 meters. The car can display the images on the 12.3 “touch screen, to obtain a 180 degree view without the front cover in the road.” According Land Rover this can be helpful in rough terrain and in cities, for example curbs. see.

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