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Precautionary strike at Shell Pernis is on the way

Shell employees at the refineries of the oil and gas company in Pernis and Moerdijk will leave work for a few hours next Friday. Shell Thursday an ultimatum of the trade unions FNV and CNV expired without the requirements for a new collective agreement.

“Shell said at a quarter to eight that it would not accept our ultimatum and did not come up with a better offer. Now we are going to talk to the members and there will be a manifestation and also a work break,”says FNV director Egbert Schellenberg. According to him, everyone can participate in the action.

The unions want a structural salary increase of 5 percent per year and a reduction in work stress. Shell offered 2.5 percent more salary this year and 2 percent more in 2020. In both years, the oil and gas company also wants to give an average of 1.5 percent extra wage, depending on the performance of the employee and the scale of this. .

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