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One of the dumbest COVID measures canceled by CDC

The US health authority CDC, in its latest recommendations, has generally dealt with restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. For example, keeping your distance, mandatory Corona tests and quarantines generally no longer make sense, because so much has changed since the virus surfaced almost two years ago, according to Greta Massetti of the CDC.

CNN reports that, according to Massetti, a very large part of the US population has already had an infection and/or has been vaccinated. The focus should now be on protecting the vulnerable. The restrictive measures would still have to be enforced where there are vulnerable people, such as nursing homes, hospitals and prisons. Testing would still be useful in people with complaints and in those with whom they have been in contact.

People with coronavirus symptoms should also go into self-isolation for at least five days and wear face masks when in company.

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Matthew Johnson, a small tech business owner retired and found his passion in journalism.

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