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No rest for the wicked boffins: to put chemtrail sunglasses on the Sun

Scientists think they have found an answer to global warming. All what is needed is to darken the sun. A unique technique that, according to the universities of Harvard and Yale, can halve the impact of climate change.

The technique proposed by researchers at the Harvard and Yale universities means that chemicals are introduced into the atmosphere at an altitude of about 19 kilometers. As a result, the sun would be dimmed, causing the rays to heat up the Earth less.

Getting the chemicals into the atmosphere is going to be a tough job. This could be done by deploying an airplane, but currently there is no one that can fly so high. That is a minor problem according to the scientists.

“We can develop a new type of tanker that has the necessary capacity for this. That would not be too difficult technically, nor would it be excessively expensive. “

According to them, it can be built in a year and cost modest 3.5 billion dollars, with an annual cost of 2.25 billion dollars.

Technically possible

The scientists believe that the technique published in Environmental Research Letters can halve the impact of global warming.

“We do not speak out about the desirability of the technology,” the researchers said. “We simply show that it would be technically possible.”

Potential risks are also associated with the technology. For example, several countries have to hold consultations on airspace, while the technology can reduce yields from crops, drought and can cause extreme weather.

Other scientists say they are skeptical about the report from the universities. “The problem with the climate in this way influence is that it is only a plaster on a problem that will remain”, it sounds.

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