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No prospect of UAW agreement with GM in sight

General Motors (GM) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union have not yet been able to reach an agreement on a new collective labor agreement. The negotiations even seem to be stuck, after the last proposal from the car manufacturer to the union has been rejected.

The UAW says to be disappointed in GM, because the last proposal was almost the same as an earlier plan. The union speaks of unwillingness at GM to come to a deal. The parties still talk to each other. GM said in a statement “to negotiate around the clock and to be committed to reaching an agreement”.

Since mid-September, work has been deposited at dozens of branches in the United States due to a conflict over wages and jobs, among other things. It is the first national strike at GM in twelve years. Approximately 48,000 employees joined the campaigns. Connoisseurs estimate that the actions have already cost GM more than 1 billion dollars and a production loss of nearly 120,000 vehicles until 2 October.

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