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NHTSA requests full and detailed description of Tesla’s autopilot

An American road safety organization has instructed Tesla to provide detailed data on his self-driving function. If the car manufacturer does not, the fines could amount to 115 million dollars.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced last month that it opened a formal investigation into Tesla’s self-driving function. The cause is a series of accidents in which cars of that brand have been driven against vehicles of emergency workers.

The organization now writes in a letter to Tesla that it wants to receive detailed data on how the driver assistance system works exactly. The NHTSA also wants to know how the system ensures that drivers keep their eyes on the road while the Autopilot function is on and there are certain conditions in which it cannot be used.

The NHTSA survey covers more than 765,000 cars, including the Y, X, S and 3 models sold in the United States since 2014. According to the organization, there have been eleven accidents since 2018 where Tesla cars have hit first responders’vehicles or Arrow cars while the self-driving function was enabled.

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