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Most inhabitants of Italian ex-corona epicenter Bergamo developed antibodies

About six in ten inhabitants of the Italian city of Bergamo have produced antibodies against the corona virus, according to blood tests among almost ten thousand inhabitants of the Italian city. More than one in ten people became infected with the virus, official figures show.

The city of 120,000 inhabitants has seen at least 13,609 people become infected in recent months. In addition, there was 568 percent excess mortality compared to the same period in the previous five years, making Bergamo statistically Italy’s worst-hit city.

Within a few weeks, hospitals in the city were overwhelmed by the enormous influx of patients and morgues were filled with bodies at lightning speed. The army eventually transported bodies to other places.

Bergamo was also identified as the epicenter of the virus outbreak in Italy, as the virus besides the city also gripped the Lombardy region. There were a total of more than 16,000 deaths, while all of Italy has nearly 34,000 deaths.

Of the nearly ten thousand Bergamo residents surveyed, 57 percent had found antibodies to the virus. So those individuals came into contact with the virus in some way, but it is not certain whether they were also seen in the government as a confirmed corona patient.

Over ten thousand health workers were also tested. One in three people appeared to have produced antibodies.

The fact that antibodies were found in the blood of the former corona patients does not mean that they are immune to the virus. It only gives “some degree of immunity”, but it is not clear how long people remain immune.

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