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More than 200 million coronavirus shots made in the US

According to President Joe Biden, the United States crossed the 200 million coronavirus Piercing Line on Wednesday. That happened within a hundred days since he took office. Initially, Biden planned to make 100 million shots within those hundred days, but that goal was already achieved on the 58th day. He spoke at a press conference of an’ incredible achievement ‘ that has now been administered twice as many doses.

Of those over 65, 80 percent have had at least one shot. The number of deaths in this population has fallen sharply. The millions of vaccinations may have saved tens of thousands of lives, Biden said. In the US, more than 560,000 people have officially died as a result of the coronavirus. That’s more than any other country.

Biden said the US has entered a new phase of the vaccination campaign. Since Monday, all Americans from the age of 16 can be vaccinated. The president stressed at the press conference that the vaccine is free of charge and that the vaccines are needed to prevent serious illness and deaths among young people as well.

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