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Mark Zuckerberg bought another $59 million mansion

Mark Zuckerberg is, next to Facebook’s founder and CEO, more and more a real estate icon. He already owned homes in Hawaii, San Francisco and Palo Alto, and has now found a new home for $ 59 million.

The new addition to the 34-year-old internet billionaire is on the shores of Lake Tahoe, in northern California. According to the Wall Street Journal, these are two plots that Zuckerberg purchased a few months ago, and that give him nearly 200 meters of private coastline. One of the plots has a jetty where large yachts can moor. Zuckerberg finds himself in a rich neighborhood: he can barbecue with the relatives of Bill Hewlett, the founder of the printer manufacturer.

In the meantime, Zuckerberg, whose company is regularly under fire due to privacy issues, has done everything to keep his purchase secret. Not only did the purchase take place via several intermediaries, brokers also had to take the photos of the house completely offline.

According to sources from the Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg also wants to buy a lot across the road. That would not be the first time: in Palo Alto he has bought several houses around his own house, to shape the environment to his own taste.

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