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Mark Zuckerberg broke silence about the censorship leak

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg commented on the recent negative reports about the company during the Facebook quarterly figures announcement on Monday evening. The news reports are based on thousands of internal Facebook documents released by a whistleblower.

“Constructive criticism helps us get better,” Zuckerberg said to investors on Monday evening. “But I think this is a coordinated movement that selectively picks out leaked documents, so that Facebook is misrepresented.”

According to Zuckerberg, his company must always find the right balance between different interests: “we must preserve freedom of expression, but also delete harmful content. And we need to build strong security that protects users ‘ privacy, but at the same time we need to cooperate with authorities.”

The Facebook founder says that it is easy to say that such “impossible trade-offs” will not be solved, because the company only wants to make a profit. “The reality is that these issues are not just about our company, but about balancing complex values. I have asked for regulation on a number of occasions, so that there is clarity. I don’t think companies should figure this out on their own.”

Monday before the quarterly figures were announced, seventeen American news sites released stories about Facebook. These are based on the thousands of internal documents that whistleblower Frances Haugen released. She claims that making profit is more important to Facebook than the well-being of users.

The documents revealed that Facebook knows that to have a negative impact on the mental health of some users. Division on the platforms was also promoted to allow users to return. According to the reports, Facebook has tried to solve some problems, but the company has not done enough.

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