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Madrid climate summit is not as successful as you have been told

The Climate Summit in Madrid does not seem to end. The session would officially last until Friday evening, but since no concrete results were achieved, the session was extended until today. During the summit, an attempt was made to concretize the objectives of the Paris Climate Convention (2015). The less prosperous countries in particular are protesting against the plans of the European Union, among others, via NOS.

The COP25 in Madrid seems to end in a drama for global climate trawlers. Accusations are back and forth and the less prosperous countries blame the EU for not taking into account the still “underdeveloped economy” of their country when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Those countries can only go through the process of industrialization before they can focus on sustainability. Some EU member states seem to have little understanding of this.

News hour journalist Bas Eickhout said that there is a real chance that the summit will “end in nothing”. The European Union in particular wants more firm commitments from various countries, including the poorest economies. So far the “international solidarity” of the EU apparently extends.

In addition to the less prosperous countries, the EU also received opposition from India and Brazil. These countries are growing fast and want to continue to do so, but if it is up to EU member states, their growth will be nipped. Participating countries also complain that about 90% of the countries were “not heard” at the summit and that it is primarily a party for the climate trappers.

In short: the climate summit in Madrid does not seem to be successful. A few countries have since moved to bilateral negotiations.

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