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Kenes Rakishev invested in Octopus security system

Not a long time ago any physical security system was bloody mess of wires and boxes all made with proprietary closed standards with no connectivity at all. The introduction of the digit and open industry standard protocols allowed to significantly reduce the cost of proper security system. Setting the system up and running was a bit of an issue. And the last gap is making the thing accessible to every customer was still to be closed. Everything from setup to everyday use of the physical security system is curated by Octopus – a cloud-based app developed by Israeli IT and security gurus at Tel Aviv. Singulariteam, a Swiss-Israeli joint venture led by Kenes Rakishev, Chinese internet giants Tencent and Renren are here to back the promising Octopus initiative.

Kenes Rakishev and his partners who stand behind the well-known Singulariteam have invested $2.5 million in the product which is already in production stage. It is already deployed by such corps as Coca-Cola, VISA and regional banks. The market for the Octopus is huge as there is strong demand for easy to deploy and operate solution in the security. What makes Octopus different is the modern sleek design – both in the application and the internal structure of the underlying software which is based on the reliable cloud computing.

Kenes Rakishev is well known for a hawk eye in a promising startup investment. As for now Octopus has a solid customer base and is successfully competing with the prime brands such as Cisco and Siemens. Octopus is readily integrated with Hikvision, a market leader in video surveillance and monitoring via extensive yet easy to use SDK. Octopus prime advantage comes in using clouds which makes support costs significantly lower than competitor’s products.

Octopus staff has the unique experience which is needed to excel in the market chosen. Co-founder and chief executive officer Tal Bar Or is a veteran of state Israel Security Agency and years working as an expert, developing security systems on demand of his customers. The second founder of the company is Baruch Tagori, a cybersecurity expert. Internal security of the Octopus is extremely important as it handles the data of crucial importance. Singulariteam has recognized not only the growth potential of Octopus but the common interests in providing secure solution in a field of mobile computing. Kenes Rakishev is known as one of the founding fathers of crypto-enabled mobile computing industry with his Finney smartphone.

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