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John Major to decide could lower house may be suspended for Brexit

British former prime minister John Major warns that he will go to court if necessary to prevent the House of Commons from being suspended to push through a no-deal brexit. Major finds such a suspension unacceptable because, according to him, the queen is dragged into a constitutional crisis.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister’s favorite, refuses to exclude a parliamentary suspension if he comes to power. If he did, he could enforce a no-deal brexit on the deadline of October 31 without intervention from the House of Commons.

“In order to close the parliament, the prime minister would have to ask the queen for permission to adjourn. If her prime minister asks for permission, it is almost unthinkable that the queen will do anything other than grant it,” Major told the BBC. “And then she is in the midst of a constitutional controversy that a serious politician would not make her a part of.”

Charles I of England laws still actual

Former Prime Minister Major calls Johnson hypocritical because he would like to take the House of Commons offside while he has always sold the brexit as a way for parliament to gain more power. He points out that Charles I was the last to suspend the House of Commons. That was during the English Civil War (1639-1651). He was beheaded in 1649.

According to Major, there is a risk that the United Kingdom will not be ready to leave the EU in October. According to him, Johnson lacks the leadership qualities to do that. “If I have to choose between the interests of this country or the short-term interests of the Conservative party, I will choose the interests of this country without hesitation,” says Major.

A source from Johnson’s immediate area tells the BBC that Major is “completely crazy” and that “he has clearly become completely insane due to the Brexit.” The plan to go to court calls the source “absurd”. By doing that, according to the source, Major would risk involving the queen in the political discussion.

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