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Jobs are rising faster than expected

Employment is much stronger than expected. According to the Department of Labor last month added 304.000 new jobs (excluding agriculture). Economists expected the median 165,000 new jobs.

Job growth in December was revised down to 222.000 from a previously reported of 312,000 new jobs. Growth in almost all sectors is observed. The construction had the most new jobs in nearly a year. Education and health care, transport, storage and retail post good figures.

The unemployment rate rose to 4 percent, from 3.9 percent in December. The unemployment rate increased because more people actively seek for new job and are registered as a jobless.

Average hourly wages rose 0.1 percent on a monthly basis. Economists here had in average an increase of 0.3 percent expected.

Governmental shutdown has little to no effect to the job market for now.

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