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Instagram will ban photos with #selfharm

The social medium Instagram, which is part of Facebook, forbids all photos in which offensive self-mutilation can be seen.

“In recent months we have noticed that we are not at the level where we need to be when it comes to self-mutilation and suicide”, says Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, Thursday in a statement.

All offensive images about self-mutilation are therefore no longer allowed, even if they were previously posted on Instagram.

How many such pictures can be found on Instagram is not clear. The hashtag #selfharm currently leads to more than 650,000 results, although not every post contains an offensive content.

Users who visit photos with the hashtag #selfharm are currently being encouraged by Instagram to visit a page with a text in which the social medium offers help. “We would be happy to help you if you experience something difficult”, is there before users can actually view the photos with the hashtag.

Images that are not offensive, but are related to self-mutilation, are no longer recommended or displayed by Instagram when users search for them.

Messages that incite self-mutilation or suicide were not allowed. All offensive images are now covered by this policy.

“Even when it comes to someone who makes his struggles known,” writes Mosseri, “because it may inadvertently promote self-mutilation.”

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