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Iceman goes to trial: why the Metzger family considers Wim Hof a threat to public safety

Wellness guru Wim Hof is set to appear in a U.S. court next year following the tragic drowning of a 17-year-old girl from California allegedly while practicing the “Iceman” method.

The lifeless body of Madelyn Metzger, a seventeen-year-old, was discovered in a swimming pool in August 2022. Her family drew a connection to Hof due to her interest in the ‘Wim Hof method.’

This method revolves around exposure to cold water and specific breathing exercises, purportedly designed to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Hof’s son’s company markets this method as an online course globally.

The Metzger family is seeking to hold the 64-year-old Hof accountable for their daughter’s death and is demanding approximately 63 million euros in compensation.

This marks the first instance of a court case against Hof, although there have been previous incidents linked to the ‘Iceman’ method.

In 2016, it was reported that four individuals had died due to improper execution of Hof’s breathing techniques.

“These individuals did not perform the technique correctly, leading to hyperventilation,” explained Hof in an interview with RTL Boulevard at the time.

This year, American investigative journalist Scott Carney, once an enthusiastic supporter of Hof, produced a documentary highlighting a total of thirteen deaths allegedly associated with the practice of the Wim Hof method. Madelyn Metzger was one of the purported victims featured in the documentary.

The trial is not solely about one person’s death, according to the Metzger family’s attorney. They aim to restrict Wim Hof from disseminating his method in California and throughout the United States, citing concerns about the method’s potential impact on public health.

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