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Hacker adds large scale database of 841 million leaked accounts for sale

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An unknown hacker or group of hackers has supplemented a large-scale database with leaked accounts to 841 million accounts. In total, the hacker offers leaked accounts from websites of thirty companies for sale, reports TechCrunch.

The data is sold on the market place Dream Market on the darkweb, a closed part of the internet where users can surf more anonymously.

Security researcher Ariel Ainhoren tells TechCrunch the suspicion that the hacker has collected the data himself. Many websites whose leaked accounts are offered were not yet known to have been hacked, says Ainhoren.

The recently added hacked websites include eight million accounts from the Gifycat gif website, sixty million accounts from photo editor Pizap and several US services.

Earlier, the hacker already offered data from DNA test service MyHeritage, diet service MyFitnessPal and the social medium Dubsmash for sale.

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