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Google+ successor will debut in G Suite soon

Remember Google+? Neither do I. Google+ saw the light of day in 2011 as an attempt by Google to set up its own social network. However, that did not work, so Google decided in 2019 to put an end to it and to refocus the platform on the business market.

Google is notifying G Suite administrators that Currents, the Google+ successor, will make its debut on July 6. The switch is mandatory, but should be painless.

Since then, Google+ has had a second life as a collaboration tool within G Suite. To completely break the link with the past, Currents was launched as a successor. The platform has been in beta since April last year and will be rolled out to everyone on July 6, Google said in an email to G Suite administrators, who accessed The Register:

After Currents becomes generally available on July 6, 2020, your users and all existing Google+ content from your organization will be automatically transferred to Currents. It can take up to 5 days for Currents to be rolled out to your organization. There is no downtime for users during this transition.

Links to plus.google.com will continue to work, but will be forwarded to currents.google.com. The Google+ mobile apps on iOS and Android are no longer supported and replaced by the Currents app.

Google does not disclose how many organizations have already ventured into the Currents beta, but after July 6, there is no turning back. The migration is forced by Google for all users.

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