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Google kills the Groovy Bot

Groovy Bot comes to an end at the end of August, a bot that allows chat app Discord users to play music from services such as YouTube. Google subsidiary YouTube has sent the maker of the bot a summons letter, and the service has announced that it will stop by 30 August.

“We have informed Groovy about the breach of our terms, including tinkering with the service and its use for commercial purposes,” a YouTube spokesperson to The Verge confirmed. Groovy had been on the air for five years. Why YouTube is only taking action now is not known.

Groovy Bot gets music from Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, but according to its creator, Nik Ammerlaan, about 98 percent of the songs that were played on Groovy came from YouTube.

Groovy is not the only music bot that allows Discord users to listen to music from other services. Although other similar bots are still in the air, it is likely that YouTube will soon take action against similar services as well.

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